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"This one is still good..." I talked to myself.

Years ago in Windows 98/XP era, l wrote dozens of programs for various purposes. Time passed since, and the version of Windows has been updated time after time. I began to use Windows Vista and then 8.1. My programs went to sleep in the hard disk.

Recently I picked out one, ExCalc, for simple calculations. I found this tiny math tool was still useful and not out date. I took others out one by one and tested if they work. Almost ok as a result. One of them could run only on 32 bit computers, while others worked properly.

This website introduces some of those programs for the purpose of distributing them for free. I will feel happy if they are utilized.

I more or less struggled with running the help files. The format is no more supported by Microsoft, but this problem was solved after having installed Windows Help program. Now all work with no problem.

MS also stopped supporting Visual Basic in 2008. It makes me feel deplorable to think how many cool application programs of old days have been buried on their own judgment. Is it a proof of what they learned from users that there barely remain some DLLs for VB in Windows sysytem?